Vittorio Lovece

Vittorio Lovece

With a wealth of experience spanning 25 years in the technology industry, I have been the driving force behind some of the world's most renowned brands. From engineering and architecture to leading CTO roles, I have left a remarkable mark on entities such as Barclays, Deutsche Bank, BBC, Universal Music, BMG, WPP, GroupM, Wunderman, and Ogilvy.

As the Global Lead for Cloud Architecture, I played an instrumental role in shaping our cloud strategy and spearheading data-driven programmes. Possessing a comprehensive understanding of the industry landscape, I have successfully developed and implemented B2B products hosted on leading cloud platforms including AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure. My strategic outlook and expertise in cloud technologies enabled organisations to leverage the power of the cloud, driving operational efficiency, scalability, and agility.

My success as a serial entrepreneur with numerous launches and exits speaks to my ability to found, launch and lead startups, while also contributing to the development of innovation strategies at the corporate level. My forte lies in bridging the gap between technology and business objectives, enabling organisations to leverage disruptive technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, Web 3, and Blockchain. As a passionate networker and advocate of technology-driven innovation ecosystems, I thrive in collaborative working environments that permit me to share my expertise while combing through diverse team knowledge.

Above all, I am passionate about tackling complex problems while developing technology solutions that are both effective and efficient.

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Vittorio Lovece

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